Every month I receive a bright, shiny new edition of the Oprah Winfrey magazine, bursting at the seams with wisdom, observations, and tools.  Every month, that bright and shiny publication leads and closes with a message from Queen O herself.  The first orients the reader with the contents of the month’s edition, the final closes things out with some words of wisdom.

Whether you appreciate Oprah or not, she, and the magazine bearing her name, follow the first rule in good communication:  start by telling your audience what you plan to tell them.

So, dear reader – let me follow this sage advice:

Lone PineHere, at RachelDorsey.org you can expect tips, guidance and resources; a toolkit to build your skills and stand out among your peers.  I’ve prepared, created, and/or curated these resources for my consulting and coaching clients and am very happy to make them available to you.

Please share your thoughts and feedback.  Let me know what makes sense and what gives you pause.  My highest intention is to do what I can to help people grow.  I look forward to the opportunity to connect with you to see how I can be a positive force in your journey.


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