I must look a little ridiculous, bleary eyed, wrapped in a blanket, rolling out of bed and onto the floor.  Today marks the 7th morning in a row – I suppose I should be careful.  I’d heard it could be habit forming….

At first I didn’t get it.  “What a waste of time, sitting there doing nothing.  I’m a fast paced, go-go-go kinda gal!  I’m glued to an electronic device or three every waking moment, just like you are.  I don’t have time to sit still and do nothing!”

In just seven days, my opinion has completely changed.

When I meditate, I feel like this spore print - Happy.

When I meditate, I feel like this spore print – Happy.

I know what you have heard about meditation, I’ve heard it too.  Heck, I’ve even read books about it.  I’ve been to workshops. I’ve been through trainings…. But it wasn’t until this morning that I realized the gift I was giving myself.  My morning meditation, my 10 minutes, is my time to sit still and listen.  To listen to what?  To listen to what IS.

I don’t chant, I don’t rub beads, I don’t really do much of anything – though I do peek at my i-Phone from time to time, to see how fast or how slowly time is moving….  Perhaps during the next seven days I’ll have fewer urges to look.

I breathe.  I let my mind wander.  I catch myself “thinking” and I refocus on my breath.  Sometimes I sit in silence and sometimes I play this.  By dedicating 10 minutes in the morning to sit still and listen, I give myself a gift and I give a gift to everyone around me. I give myself time and space to simply be, and I’m all the better for it.

I’ve set myself on a thirty day challenge.  Each day sitting for one minute more than the last.

Care to join me?

9 thoughts on “Morning Meditation

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