Nicole and Davis

Nicole and Davis

I had the pleasure of speaking with an incredibly inspiring friend today. At 25, this young woman is a rock star in her work, at the (arguably) most popular women’s athletic brand. She is happily married with an adorable baby boy. She takes care of her body and she nurtures her mind. She has achieved many major milestones while maintaining an impressive amount of personal satisfaction in her quarter-century. She has her eyes on the horizon, looking forward into her future.

It’s safe to say she’s atypical.

During our conversation she made me an offer I can’t refuse. To be a sounding board, to act in mutual support of our personal goals. That is, if I’m into setting goals. Into setting goals!?! You bet I am!

If you’re into setting goals, or if you just wanna give it a shot, here is a quick start guide to give you a push.

First – read the post immediately preceding this one. Think about how much you have changed in the past five years.

Next- think about the next five years and imagine how much opportunity you have to grow.

Then- get a piece of paper and complete these sentences:
1- In five years, I will be
2- In five years, I will wake up to
3- In five years, I won’t
4- In five years, I will surround myself with

Now- think about what actions you need to take to set the groundwork to get there. Take some notes, then take some deep breaths.

Give yourself a high-five and know that you have taken the most important step of goal setting. You have acknowledged that you intend to grow and you have begun to identify your direction.

Concrete goals may take awhile to come forward. They might be clear and quick. Be patient. Sit still and listen to what is.

Share your thoughts with a close friend or loved one. A like-minded individual with your best interest in mind. Check in often. Support one another.

Then, shine on!

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