These days, more than ever before, people are securing jobs based largely on WHO – as opposed to WHAT – they know. That’s not to say they aren’t qualified. A prospective employee has to excel in the interview process, but before that all important interview, it’s often a personal connection that gets you in the door.

Harness the power of your network by remembering your ABC’s:

A. Ask
Your friends have jobs. Some might even have good jobs! Ask to be their +1 at a company happy hour, lecture, holiday party. Meet their peers. Meet their boss. Be your shiniest self. Ask for introductions. Ask for connections.

Chloe Aftel Lecture at a FeatherLove Artists Workshop

Chloe Aftel Lecture at a FeatherLove Artists Workshop

B. Be There
Don’t expect your friends/contacts to do everything for you. You have to be where the action is – and sometimes that means extending yourself a little. Attend a mixer, join a club, participate with a networking group, attend a workshop. If you pride yourself on not being a joiner, get over it. These are opportunities to mingle with potential peers.

C. Cards
Job or no job, make some personal business cards. They don’t have to be fancy. Your name, email, phone number is enough. If you have a snappy headline, GO AHEAD and use it. Be able to exchange information anytime, anywhere. Then follow up. Don’t just give away cards and expect people to reach out to you. In dating, friendship and in the job search, you gotta make the first move.

Have you experimented with these ABC’s? What has worked and what hasn’t? What else would you add to the list?

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