Take the time to celebrate small victories!
Don’t wait until a task is finished.
Stop.  Smell the roses.


 Life is made up of lots of little moments.
Enjoy each to the fullest.
If you don’t, you’ll be hard pressed to make it to the finish line.
20130211-212617.jpgCelebrate small victories.  Small victories add up.


How do you celebrate and honor a small victory?

5 thoughts on “Celebrate Small Victories

  1. I’m honored to see my hands here! I celebrate a small victory by dancing, by opening my face to the sun, by letting myself celebrate. I have to admit, I find myself so often forgetting to celebrate my small victories, immediately turning and looking towards the next thing. If I operate that way, I’ll never celebrate anything fully. If I celebrate each moment I am alive, now that’s something beautiful!

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