Photp By: Noa Azoulay / Featherlove.com

Photo By: Noa Azoulay / Featherlove.com

I have the great pleasure of working closely with  master coach and consultant Lisa Bashor. She is a wife of 35+ happy years,  mother of four, author, volunteer, friend, advocate, leader … and moderator at a Global Women’s Conference to boot!  Charming, smart, and busy as hell, though you’ll never hear her say so, Lisa has been a huge influence in my life and in my career.

After long days of leading trainings, we like to share a meal as we debrief. Over heaping plates of macaroni and cheese, short ribs, burgers, fries … and the occasional salad, we inevitably find ourselves talking about balance — lack of balance in our meal and the quest for balance in our lives.

By now, you’ve surely heard about Yahoo’s CEO calling in the troops from remote corners of the home-office in favor of an all-hands-on-deck approach. Marissa Mayer has received a ton of backlash and plenty of support. She has re-inspired the conversation about work-life balance — a conversation that I encourage you to have with your partners, friends, roommates, parents, and yes, your employers.

During the course of my career, my employers have run the gamut.  From Wine Companies to Synagogues, from Non-Profits to Financial Institutions.  Each position brought challenges from which I learned.  Looking back, I can see that when I consciously created  balance in my life, I experienced both personal peace and professional success.

Finding balance is deeply personal.  With the exception of a Snuggie, there is no such thing as one size fits all.  Furthermore, in this forever-connected era, separation between work and life does not truly exist.  We find ourselves yearning for stimulation every moment.  We’ve become habituated to constant feedback.  Whether for work or play, this constant state of connection pulls us out of balance.

I’m not here to tell you that cultivating balance is easy.  I’m here to tell you that cultivating balance is important.

When you are ready to cultivate it for yourself, I’m here to help!


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