I ran into a friend on the street today.  Coming from a conversation with a local reporter, she was frustrated by what she felt was a failed interview.  Riding a headline story in the Huffington Post, she and her partner had been asked for an interview about their pie shop.

I love these gals and I love their pies.  I’ve sold their pies, I’ve cored and sliced apples for these pies, I’ve brainstormed ways to get more of these pies to more people more efficiently. And I’ve enjoyed eating more slices than I care to admit.

Three Babes Bakeshop Salty Honey Walnut Pie Photo by: Colin Price

Three Babes Bakeshop Salty Honey Walnut Pie
Photo by: Colin Price

I believe in these pies and I believe in these women.  The Food Network believes in them too.   It makes complete sense that they get as much press and have as many devotees as they do.

So why so glum?  Why the disappointment?  What could have happened to leave the Babes feeling so deflated?

It was a simple question, one they have been asked a thousand times ~ “What’s next?”

They didn’t have a clear answer.  But let’s be real.  In our lives and in our work, we’re encouraged to perpetually accelerate.  We’re encouraged to take on more, look towards the future, plan, execute, act.  Yet when we don’t build in time to pause, reflect, take stock and make intentional adjustments, we flounder, burn out and fail.

Lenore and Anna Pieducating

Lenore and Anna Pieducating

Instead, these gals are taking a pause to move forward.  They are creating space to gain perspective so they will proceed with intention.  Though they may think the reporter saw confusion or indecision, I think a savvy business reporter will have seen potential and wisdom.

The Babes are two of the brightest women I know and will continue to be successful. If I could offer them one piece of advice it would be the same that I would offer you:

Don’t be afraid to pause and reflect.  

Perpetual motion can be self defeating.  Make time to take stock, learn from the past and clarify your vision.   Then you’ll be ready to actively prepare for the future.

Here’s one more piece of advice:

Try a Three Babes Pie.  If you’re in the Bay Area, place an order for pick up or delivery.  Outside of the Bay?  Have yours shipped.  Do it! Quick!  Before they step back to move forward.

How has taking a step back benefited you?  Share your thoughts and comments below!

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