As I was driving south on my way to teach a yoga workshop in the Peninsula, I caught sight of not one, but two fairs ~ one in Oakland and one further south in Hayward.  Instantly, I was transported back in time to middle school.  To the long-weekend when the dirt lot between the high school and junior college was transformed by flashing lights, whirring gizmos, toothless carnies and the promise of an unsafe time.

Ever the adventurer, my husband suggested that we go.  Ever the good-sport, I said yes.
We paid our two dollar entrance fee, bought a ticket pack and cruised the block looking for our first thrill.  We had liked the swing wheel simulated flight experience when we tried it on a day trip to Santa Cruz, so we started there.  Fun, mellow and a great view of the grounds.  A little too short for my taste, but you get what you pay for.  


As we tumbled near the exit, my eye caught the GRAVITRON ~ an oblong, UFO style death capsule that spins so fast it presses your helpless body to the wall. The sounds it was making led me to believe that this may have been the very same Gravitron I once enjoyed in my home-town dirt lot.  Remembering the wicked headache and violent stomach ache that followed, I opted out and instead tempted fate in a new way.

RING of DEATH ~ it is what it sounds like. Strapped, locked, and  full of bacon-wrapped hot dog (me) and extra-long corndog (Drew), we went around and around, upside down, backwards…. Terror, fear, excitement, elation.  So many thoughts.  So many emotions. When up looks like down and down looks like up it’s amazing what the mind does.

All in all, we were at the fair for about an hour.  Maybe less.  We rode three rides, tried one game, ate food that made us feel sick and laughed a ton.  All things considered, it was a darn good time.

I learned a few things too.  I learned that starting with the familiar helps me get my sea legs, and  I learned that listening to my gut can save me from a headache.  I learned that saying YES to an adventure can lead to fun and that the right  wing-man is an essential ingredient when you are attracted to the promise of an unsafe time.

Read about another unsafe time here.

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