Quick – What are the four things you like the LEAST about yourself?

Now – what are the four things you like the MOST about yourself?

Was it easier to list the positives or the negatives? Want guidance to help answer the harder question?

We’re in week two of January’s four-week-long strategic goal-setting workshop, GET IT! Go Getters are diligently working in their workbooks, one-on-one sessions are underway and one glaring similarity is coming up (almost entirely) across the board:

When reflecting on ourselves, it’s EASY to list many more than “Four Things I Like LEAST” but incredibly challenging to list even “Four Things I Like BEST.”

I’m only half-surprised. You would think that our self-promotion muscles would be well-flexed from years of prepping for job interviews, making friends on the playground and showcasing our lives on The Facebook, and yet, we have an incredibly difficult time articulating our distinguishing positive qualities. Our friends can do it. Our parents can do it. But why can’t we?

Is it because we’re taught to be humble?
Is it because we spend more time thinking about how everyone else perceives us?
Is it because we haven’t taken the time to do a personal inventory?
Is it because we live in a cycle of negative self-talk (hello, media manipulation)?

Whatever your reason(s), the GET IT! experience will challenge you to dig deep and to step up to the task of defining what qualities make you shine, when you are being your best self.

Are you a great listener? A stunning performer? Are you a kind friend? An empathetic sibling? Are you generous? A great writer? Do you love animals? Are you a kick-ass sales person? Do you run a 5 minute mile? Are you always on time? Do you have a killer sense of style? Do you have an incredible capacity to memorize information?

What makes you unique? What makes you stand out in the line at Trader Joes? Throw modesty out the window and take a good hard look at your whole self. What are the four things you like best?

All you need is four.

To uncover your four and use them to achieve so much more, join the GET IT! 2015 Strategic Goal-Setting Workshop. February Registration NOW OPEN!

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