GET IT!Three weeks into 2015 and my GET IT! strategic goal-setting workshop is well underway.   We’re turning resolutions into SMART Goals, removing ambiguity, removing barriers and exponentially increasing our chances of achievement.

If SMART Goal setting is a new concept, and even if it’s an old one, play along and turn an ambiguous idea into a SMART Goal using this guide:

Begin with this formula: I want to Resolution by doing Action.

I want to get in shape by starting to exercise regularly.
Use the example above or think of your own resolution. Got your resolution?  Great!  Now make it even more specific by working through the MART questions below:

Ask yourself –
How will I measure my progress?
How will I know when my goal is accomplished?
What does success look like for me?

Now, practice, by expanding the EXAMPLE above with your answers to the questions under Measurable.

Action Oriented:
To achieve any goal or to make any change, you have to take action. Incorporate clear and concrete actions as you set your goal. Expand the example above. What does it mean for you to start exercising regularly?

Which action statement/s is/are sufficiently specific?

  1. Join a gym and walk regularly?
  2. Walk 30 minutes daily?
  3. Join a yoga studio and take three classes per week?
  4. All of the above?
  5. Something else?

Take a look at your goal so far. Ask yourself –
Am I  willing and able to work towards the goal?
Is it too simple, and thus, un-motivating?
Is it too challenging, leaving me stuck and unable to start?
Which of these seem/s appropriately realistic?

  1. Run a marathon in three months?
  2. Reduce my clothing size from x to y?
  3. Be able to stay in a kickboxing class for 60 minutes without stopping?
  4. Something else?

With no time frame, there is no sense of urgency. When do you want to accomplish your goal? Be concrete. Once you have established a time frame, your unconscious mind will conspire to help you.

Which of these is/are motivatingly timely?

  1. By my next birthday?
  2. Before I buy any new clothing?
  3. By my cousin’s October wedding?
  4. Something else?

Based on your choices, which of these is your expanded SMART goal?
1. I want to get in shape, by joining a gym and walking regularly, so I can reduce my size from extra-large to small before I buy any new clothing.

2. I want to get in shape, by joining a yoga studio and taking three classes each week, while also walking for 30 minutes daily, so that I can wear size 10 clothing without Spanx, by my cousin’s October wedding.

3. I want to __________________________________________, by (action)________________________,
so that____________________________________________, by (time)__________________________.

4. I want to __________________________________________, by (action)________________________,
so that____________________________________________, by (time)__________________________.

Want to give your goal an extra boost? Give yourself mini goals to hit along the way, using SMART as your guide.

Want more?  Check out GET IT! 2015, my month-long strategic goal-setting workshop.

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