Every moment, we are confronted with a choice. Head up or head down.

When I look around, on the bus, on the street, in restaurants and cafes, I see heads DOWN and I think it sucks.

We crave connection, but we’re training ourselves to step away from true, authentic relationships in favor of the spectre of connection – Anti-Social-Media.

How many times a day (an hour) do you check your phone?  What are you checking? Does it enrich your life? Does it make you feel connected?

If we calculated how much time we spend each year distracting ourselves with mindless drivel, we’d add DAYS to our lives.

Days to do what we want to do!
Days to be who we want to be!
Days to achieve our dreams!

Next time you feel compelled to reach for your cell phone, do this instead:

  1. Smile at the person next to you and ask “How’s your day going so far?”
  2. Take out your to-do list and DO something.  Then check it off.
  3. Take a walk.  Leave your phone in your pocket.  Clear your head.
    Engage with your thoughts.
    Engage with your community.
    Engage with your life.

Easier said that done, I know.  Raise your head if you’re down to try.

Cell Phone
I pulled this photograph from TheNonconformingprofessional – where you can read a fantastic piece about cell phone addiction.
NOTE: Thanks for reading this article.  I appreciate that from the sea of options, you chose this.  Also, I fully embrace the absurdity of sending thoughts about this subject through the medium which I am critiquing, further fueling the behavior I am critiquing.  I’m working to keep my head up too.

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