How Coaching works:
No two people have the same set of skills, interests or abilities.  Similarly, no two people have the same set of needs.  The first step is to understand both sides of your coin.

We’ll talk about what keeps you up at night.  We’ll talk about moments of greatness and moments of struggle.  In a safe, open, non-judgmental space, I’ll ask questions that will set the foundation for our work together.

Once we’ve identified your strengths and areas of growth, we’ll build a plan of action.  Large goals are achieved by a series of small steps.  We’ll break down each step and work together to get you where you want to be.

Stuck in a jungle?

Stuck in a jungle?

Your role:
In life, as in yoga, transition is a pose.  In transition lies challenge and in transition lies growth.  In a coaching relationship, much of the growth happens between sessions.  You are the driver.  You pick the course. You set the pace.  Expect to receive assignments at the end of each session.  These exercises bring clarity and set the stage for the session that will follow.

My role:
If you are the driver, then I am the map – I help you steer clear of forests and cliffs.  I keep you on track.  When you get stuck at a fork in the road, I help you identify your next move .

Our relationship:
Our work together can be as simple or as complex as you need it to be.  Each session is customized to fit your needs and to fit your style.  As a coach, it is my job to be flexible, adaptable and supportive as you think, test and grow.

The process:
I offer an initial exploratory conversation free of charge.  This is a great opportunity for us to learn a little bit about each other, see if we’re a good fit, and assess the scale and scope of your needs.  If you decide to move forward, we’ll begin scheduling sessions.

Typically, clients pay $150 per session.  I offer a sliding scale based on need and discounts on multi-session packages.  Email me today to schedule an initial conversation and talk about a pricing structure that works for you – RachelBDorsey@gmail.com

Not convinced?  Read my reviews here.

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