I give Rachel my highest recommendation. She gives expert advise, listens effectively, and inspires me to work my best. The difference in my marketing and my networking approach since I began working with Rachel is significant.

Andrea (Andi) Berlin –Principal, Berlin Consulting LLC — East Bay

joey 2
With career options and transitions overwhelming and humbling me, Rachel taught me how to value my skills and ask for what I deserved. She led me through practical exercises and analyses that helped me hone in on my strengths in both my career, volunteer work and personal life.  The sessions with Rachel made me more confident in myself and my decisions in all areas of my life.

Joey Babbitt — San Francisco

I highly recommend Rachel as a strong consultant and growth coach – she is such a valuable resource. Knowledgeable, organized, dependable and authentic, she offers an outlet to express my ideas in their fullest while providing a clear structure for organizing and prioritizing my next steps. She supports people looking to grow in all areas of their lives.

Nicole Wiegreff — Cordelia

emilyRachel was invaluable in my career transition. I’ve passed her contact info to about ten people–I would (DO!) highly recommend her. From the first conversation, I felt a strong connection with her as more than just a professional resource. Rachel is personable, fun, trustworthy, encouraging, and sensitive, AND she’s firm, direct, sharp as a tack, and really business savvy. She seems to understand many different industries very well.

Emily Guzzardi — Founder, Batch Baking — San Francisco

kaitMy sessions with Rachel were transformative – with her guidance I was able to break my career goals down into manageable action steps with tangible results. Our conversations combined with her creative assignments and great follow up made the job search and interview process less overwhelming and even fun. I gained clarity, motivation and confidence which led to multiple interviews and job offers. I recommend her to anyone seeking career and/or personal growth.

Kaitlyn Miller — Photographer,  KaitMillerPhotography.com — San Francisco 

Alex HeadshotRachel was quick to understand where I was with my business and what I needed. She really listened and got me. In just one month I moved from ambiguous and overwhelmed about my niche, marketing and brand, to feeling crystal clear and confident. Brilliant! We also developed an organized, straightforward plan for my marketing. Forward momentum never felt so easy.

Alex Mart — Health and LIfe Coach, Alex Mart Coaching — Berkeley

Rachel is wonderful. She didnt just tell me what she thought I should do; she worked with me so I could find the answer myself. She will push you but also will listen and hear things that maybe you did not know were there. She will leave you motivated and with a better sense of clarity.

Jessi Sunday — San Francisco

andrewWorking with Rachel has been extremely helpful for both my career and personal growth. In a short time we created concrete, achievable goals which Rachel steered me as a friend and mentor to achieve. Rachel inspired and encouraged me to pursue my creative talent while guiding me to expand my network, even giving me direct productive business leads and contacts. I recommend her highly.
Andrew Glaser — Denver

Headshot 2014 - Version 3After leaving a job of 7 years, I contacted Rachel to help me assess where to go next in my career. Her down to earth approach used both analysis and real-world work to reveal the path that felt right for me – while laying the groundwork to get going! She made a complex process seem relatively simple, and her encouragement and skills were just what I needed.
Ilana Gauss — Founder, Eco Jews of the Bay — San Francisco 


I appreciate Rachel’s ability to really (really) listen to my ideas and somehow organize them so that we have a very clear plan on how to move forward with the brand. She is a person of integrity and honesty. She’s not telling me what I want to hear – she is telling me what I need to hear. I’m proud to work with her and look forward to what we’ll create together!

Lisa Warner — Proprietress & Cellar Rat, Leto Cellars — Rutherford

CharlieRachel helped me focus my energy and make major advancements in my strategic plan.  As a coach myself I was impressed by her ability to listen and provide personalized suggestions that felt congruent with my style and sense of purpose. I also really appreciate the way she encouraged me to take action and lean outside of my comfort zone, while still acknowledging the importance of rest and self care.

Charlie Birch — Coach, Being Human Ally — Denver

Working with Rachel  has been a great pleasure and an even greater success! Through her keen intuition, proactive approach and genuine dedication she managed to find what has now proven to be the perfect fit for our company.  There isn’t anyone I would recommend more for your next big challenge or even just for some worthwhile insight.

David Brenner — Founder, Habitat Horticulture — San Francisco

LenoreRachel has a special talent for connecting people and helping organizations grow in size and reach and I’m always amazed by her ability to think creatively, ask the right questions to help set a strategy, and then follow through to drive that strategy forward. She is a natural leader and was instrumental in planning and strategic support. With her help, we quintupled our year-over-year holiday sales in 2012.

Lenore Estrada — CEO, Three Babes Bakeshop — San Francisco

There are not many people who have made an indelible impact on my life, but Rachel is one of them.  She is one of the brightest, strongest, most passionate, professional and energetic people I have ever known.  Working with Rachel is one of the smartest decisions you can make.

Michael Amerikaner — San Francisco

Rachel helped me with both production and marketing ideas.  She listens well!  I was happy with her suggestions, and with follow-up.  In short, it is simply a pleasure to work with her, and I recommend her without reservation.

Maralyn Tabatsky — Owner, Have Your Cake — San Francisco


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  1. I can’t find an author, but over the years, I’ve accumulated a growing appreciation for the quote, “The secret to having it all is knowing you already do.” As a wise and competent young woman, it appears you have already learned this.

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